Black Sails II: Man Of War Spanish Galleon



Art Director: Ross Jenkin

Production: Black Sails II

Film Afrika & Starz

Production Designer: Wolf Kroeger


Man Of War Spanish Galleon

Build Process and Documentation

The Spanish Galleon was based upon various appropriate references including the 17th century Swedish war Galleon, the Vasa, that sunk on its maiden voyage just over 1km off the coast of Stockholm in 1628. There were certain scale parameters that had to be taken into consideration based on the initial CG Man of War that was seen toward the end of the 1st Season which had to be matched as closely as possible. This vessel was slightly stretched in this initial depicition and therefore its foremast is slightly more forward on the ship than is usually associated with this type of vessel. A lowered curved bulwark was added in attempt to soften this distance between the main mast and fore mast.

The construction took place at Cape Town film studios with an experienced team of skilled craftsmen orchestrating the artistry of the build.