Cavity Wall


Cavity Wall was a permeable structural tapestry of notched pine slats. Following on from Beacon & Curtain Wall, this is the third piece in which I have attempted to use a simple construction logic and a singular main material unit. Cavity Wall is a duplicated version of Beacon making an attempt to transform the object structure into an environment structure. Initial maquette formed with dry stacking of pieces of balsa wood.

Materials, Process and Documentation

The structure was made from notched SA Pine of varying lengths, predominantly 1,2 and 2,4m lengths 22X69 PAR.

2032 units. 7 joists from base to apex per pyramidal form. 2L Cold Glue. 8000+ notches. Sisal Rope. 16mm rebar

7 day build. Stacked & Glued fast assembly. Lit with 4 led battery powered disc lamps, led spot, singular led's

Build Team 7:

Andrew Cleveland Treve Jenkin Garth Jenkin Lawrence van Tonder Johann de Jager Sebastian Rolando Nicole Seymour


Thanks to Afrikaburn for the grant that funded the material purchase.

Thanks to Andrew for his support from design banter to organisation & construction breakdowns, notching to camp coordination.

Thanks to Joao, Peter, Sebastian and Alan for your critique & planning discussions.

Thanks to Treve for a pre week of top notching and process order.

Thanks to Garth for expert on site guidance.

And to all of you for an for immense effort and contibrution during the build and demise of Cavity Wall.


Notes on build:

Never underestimate the desire of people at afrikaburn to climb up a piece.

After 5 days of standing proud, with broken glue joins & dislodged notches, heavily loosened internal rope cross bracing,

Cavity Wall took a bow to the binnekring 2hrs before schedule burn.

A strong what seemed like lowish wind picked up cavity wall above its butresses and dumped it over.

A similar wind knocked over beacon in the same fashion in 2016 before I had secured the base, it was dry stacked.

Lawrence and I were inside stacking wood when it fell. No one else was in close proximity. Lawrence said it was a free lesson.

Cavity wall was burnt at around 6pm, treating viewers to a plan view in its double sacrifice.

In the Tankwa Karoo, even if by virtue of the form of a piece, one does not want to incorporate external cable bracing, cable anayway.