Mazerunner: The Death Cure

photo: Daniel Dorrance


Art Director: Ross Jenkin

Production: Maze Runner - The Death Cure

Out Of Afrika Entertainment & 20th Century Fox

Production Designer: Daniel Dorrance


WCKD Lab Complex sets/Subway Entrance Crash set/various props

Build Process and Documentation

The Lab was based on references from concept artists involving spaceship interior construction composites and photographs of more clinical modern spaces. My intial forms for the passageways were more gothic futurism in comparison to the design evolution simplifying to a clincal slick representation. A team of multiple Art Directors/Set Designers/Concept and Illustration artists were involved in the design development of the Lab sets including those from the initial Art Department before the production moved to Cape Town.

The construction took place in a warehouse in Cape Town with an experienced team of skilled craftsmen orchestrating the artistry of the build.