SanClan 2016



Brendan Smithers {artist/designer}, Mike Rule {Construction}, Monique Schliess {Project lead:AfrikaBurn}


From the low poly 3d model [Simon Dunkley] based on the foam machette [Daya Heller] of the dancing figures create a structural solution for simplified construction
Construction Design: 3d structural modelling SketchUp / CNC layout drawings & material breakdowns / Construction supervision

  • Design drawing assistance Andrew Cleveland
  • Cut by Camcraft
  • Assembled and constructed by Mike Rule & team with Ross Jenkin

Build Process and Documentation

The sculptural forms were dissected via computer modelling in horizontal planes moving up the structure at given intervals. These resulting rows were then made of 'box/table' units with CNC'd shutterply horizontal planes on both the top and bottom of each unit. Each unit had four cross braced posts of solid timber that were located within the cnc'd shutterply formers. The horizontal shutterply former's essentially gave us the outline with which to run the 6mm ply cladding strips resulting in the desired form. Each row was made up of as many units necessary to complete the form each being a manageable size and weight to be lifted up and stacked on top of one another. All of these pieces were numbered in sequence and row and were delivered to site as flat pack units which were then fabricated and placed in the correct position.